5 Reasons I Don't Flirt: Part 2

Anastasis Faith

              Last week we talked about the first two reasons why I don't flirt. Here are the last three!

3. I build a wall between me and the girls around me.

Even though people may say it doesn’t make a difference among girls if you’re flirty, it totally does.  
I was recently talking to one of my friends about flirting and I said that I didn’t think that flirty girls gained as much respect as a non-flirty girl. Her response was, “I agree. Completely. A non-flirty girl definitely gains more respect (and probably attracts a better crowd of guys) than one that chases guys.”
When you’re always flirting, other girls see you as a hindrance to their friendship with guys. Girls don’t trust you.

4. I train myself to find my value in guys.

You’re always trying to figure out who likes you, counting up the number, and deciding if you’re pretty based on that. You compare how many guys like you to how many guys like that other girl. Are you seeing the consequences of this? We’re back to viewing other girls as competition, becoming dissatisfied with how we were created, and we’re not finding our worth in the right place.
Our value as girls and as human beings doesn’t come from other people and it doesn’t come from ourselves. Our value comes from Christ because He placed an eternal worth on each of us when He died on the cross. We should not find our worth in guys.

5. I look for guys to fulfill my needs instead of God.

Again, it’s that desperate searching for fulfillment in something other than God, and it will leave you empty.
God created us to be fully satisfied in Him. We cannot find our fulfillment in anything else but Him. What’s more, we will not be as satisfied with a guy if we shove God aside as if we keep God first place in our lives and He gives us a guy.
Remember: Guys can’t satisfy you. Only God can.

Yes, not flirting is hard. Was I perfect? Absolutely not! Because of my decision to not flirt, I would often swing to the other side of the spectrum and completely ignore guys which also is not loving them as brothers-in-Christ. And yes, I struggled with this decision many times. But now, I’m reaping the benefits of that decision—which will be discussed in an upcoming blog post!

If you could go back and change something about how you lived your life ages 11-13, what would you change? For those in that stage of life, what commitments do you want to make? Share in the comments!

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