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Maybe you're out the door at 6:00 am for school. Maybe you're swamped with your to-do list. Maybe you can't seem to find time to spend with God every day.

If you want a short devotional to show up in your inbox every morning, Morning Glory's Daily Devotional is for you. It's not a substitute for your quiet time--but if you're very busy, it can help refocus you when you do not have a chance to have a quiet time first thing in the morning. 

Ways to Use It:
-As a discussion tool for mom and daughter on the way to school.
-As you eat breakfast.
-As part of your quiet time.
-While you're waiting for class to start.
-On your lunch break.
-Let me know when you read it! Use #MGDailyDevotional

Why You Should Sign Up:

-It's completely free!
-It's completely fresh every single morning.
-You can decide what days you receive it.
-It's written by girls in all walks of life.
-It's Biblical and relatable.
-You get to see the hearts of girls walking through tough times.
-It's a great place to start writing and getting name recognition in the Morning Glory world.

"For me it has been a blessing to see and read about girls who are just trying to follow Christ, and are struggling with some of the things I am. I would sign up not just to be blessed but you also have an opportunity to bless others with your comments and thoughts if you choose to write."

"It helps me know how to better praise God in His attributes and how to pray using Scripture."

What People are Saying:
Morning Glory has really taught me many things in many different areas. It really has inspired me to pursue Jesus with my whole heart. God is doing tremendous things through this blog and Daily Devotional!

Wow, you must have read my mind and my heart. This was exactly what I needed today.

Morning Glory has built me up in a lot of ways!  It's SUPER encouraging and helpful to read these two-minute devos to start my day. It's fun getting different girls' perspectives and reading these paragraphs. The growth of Morning Glory has been astounding over these two years, and I'm glad to see it flourish.

I have been writing for a while now. And the most rewarding part is when someone likes my devotional and sends a note saying so. I remember when I got the email, I was so blessed to see that someone actually read my devotionals and were blessed by it!

Morning Glory is the only Godly influence in my life right now.

I started getting Morning Glory Daily Devotional emails about a year ago. I had been looking for a good daily devotional program thing, and was super blessed to find this! I try to read the devos every day they're sent out and I have been SO touched by all the blog posts. It has been SO encouraging seeing what verses have stuck out to people and what it means to them. There have been many days where I read the verse and the devo to go with it, and I can tell it was completely an answer to prayer for that day-- just what I needed to hear. They always remind me of important lessons or refocus me on what really matters. They help me keep my eyes fixed on GOD. They remind me of God's promises, His blessings, His mercies, and His love. All the posts are encouraging. They are convicting. Some bring joy. Some bring tears. All in the very best way. Every day, I hear truth spoken from the verses, and some REAL person's thoughts about it. With the devos, it has been such a blessing to hear what Christian girls my age have to say about their favorite verses, and how it applies to their lives. 

Being connected to so many girls, my age, has been wonderful! Knowing that someone, quite far from me, could be reading the same things I am......is just so cool!

The Daily Devotional is completely free and completely fresh every morning. You can also customize what days you receive it if you do not want to get it every day.

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