How to Overcome Overwhelming Emotions

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          As many of you know, we just launched 30 Days of Surrender last week!!! I was absolutely so thrilled and touched by your reaction and the feedback we have been getting! 
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          Today, I interviewed Savannah Morello--one of the contributors and author of Surrender Your Emotions, Surrender Your Future, and Surrender Your Needs. Today, we are specifically talking about how you can overcome overwhelming emotions. Savannah has such wonderful thoughts and wisdom on this topic. Enjoy!
How to Overcome Overwhelming Emotions

What did you learn while writing for 30 Days of Surrender?
          Writing for 30 Days of Surrender was such a blessing and I learned a ton! But foremost was the importance of giving credit where credit is due. God has given me a passion for words, and with it – I think – some talent. But I must remember that it is GOD who gave me this talent. I cannot take credit for any good idea, inspiration, or clever wording. Everything I can do came straight from grace. As much as I want to keep it for myself, all glory must go to Him.
           Secondly, I learned not to put my identity in my accomplishments. I have never really struggled with confidence, but working with other authors reminded me that I don’t have to be the fastest, the best, or the most talented. Everything I do should be for the glory of my God, not to feed and satisfy my pride.

You wrote about surrendering emotions. What made you pick that topic?
          To be honest, I chose Surrender Emotions because I actually have the advice to share here. I scrolled past so many of the other topics because I struggle with them so much. Now, I don’t pretend to have complete control over all my feelings. But the Lord has given me enough grace to win many of the battles I fight with my emotions. I can share my plan of attack.

In Surrender Emotions, you talked about dealing with frustrating siblings. I think we can almost all relate to that. ;) How do you practically not let your emotions get control of you while dealing with your family members?            
          First, I look for signs. It probably feels different for others, but when I get really angry, right before I completely lose control, I feel a pressure behind my eyes. The edges of my vision blur. It’s like my mind is trying to shake me by the shoulders and yell, “Stop! Look what you are doing!” I have learned to take advantage of it. This sign helps me realize that things are going the wrong way and try to fix them. 
Surrender Emotions Savannah Morello

          Secondly, I must stop talking. Completely. Even if it means my brother will have the last word, even if he doesn’t completely understand the foolishness I just saved him from:  I have got to shut my mouth. And even more difficult, I must stop any ranting in my head. How will my anger go away if I keep fueling it with outraged thoughts? I try to do this before my eyes go blurry – a lot of hurt can come out of my mouth even before I lose control.
But in the middle of an argument – even a simple, quiet one about who needs to walk the dog – stopping is the last thing I want to do. 
          Even when the Holy Spirit reminds me of Christ’s call, I quickly throw up a protest. “Oh, no way I’m stopping now,” I say. “I am so right this time. He needs to see that.” But does being right justify my argument? When I finally realized that the sin does not lie in being on the losing side of a fight but in actually getting angry, it became so much easier to stop mid-sentence and tell my brother, “Wait, we are fighting. I’m really sorry.” That helps both of us to pause. After we cool down, we can find a peaceful understanding.

What advice do you have for girls who are "more emotional?"
          Ground yourself in truth. Emotions have a way of surrounding us and blinding us to reality. 
          In my experience, whether I’m angry at a simple mistake, or doubting God’s ability, my emotions to trap me in a lie. I think part of us enjoys having a hearty cry, even if it is in anger. There is a reason we don’t want to back down from a fight. Sinful emotions appeal to our flesh. But when we have hidden the truth in our hearts, we have something steady to hold on to. 
          Know who God is. 
          Know what He thinks of you, of sin. Know how He wants to use your emotions for His glory. When you know the truth, feelings have so much less power. 

          Come back next week for the rest of this interview!

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Do you struggle with reacting emotionally? What have you found that helps you not be controlled by emotions? Share in the comments!

30 Days of Surrender LAUNCH!!!!

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          There were a few times, during this summer, when I never thought this day would actually happen. :) But God has been so good to us and has brought this project to completion—I now pray that He brings it to fruition.

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          Thank you so much for all your support and prayers! I am so excited to bring this ebook to you by God’s grace.

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