August Resources for Young Ladies

Anastasis Faith
Even though it’s the first of September, I’m still going to post August’s Resource for Girls!
Today’s resource is a ministry started by Brett and Alex Harris called The Rebelution: A Rebellion Against Low Expectations.

 I’ve mentioned The Rebelution before here on Morning Glory, but I’d like to encourage you to both pick up their book, Do Hard Things, and follow their site. Both are extremely helpful, practical, and motivating.

Do Hard Things was what killed my idea of having “fun teen years.” I credit Do Hard Things as being one of the major foundations built in my early junior high years that encouraged me to start Morning Glory. Without Do Hard Things, I doubt I would have known that I had potential as a teenager.
Do Hard Things, as well as their blog, shows you that you can rise above low expectations and change the world. As teenagers, we can do big things, too.
Do Hard Things was a best-seller…and it was written by eighteen-year-olds. Visit their site and you will find dozens of stories of other teenagers who are making an impact.
Are you done wasting your teen years? Are you ready to do something? Then check out The Rebelution and read Do Hard Things. You will be changed. And you won’t regret it.

Have you read Do Hard Things? Do you follow The Rebelution? If so, how have they changed your life? If not, do you plan on checking them out?

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