10 Clothes Shopping Tips

Anastasis Faith

1.         Don’t buy used tank tops. Tank tops don’t last very long, and if you buy them used, you’re not going to get much wear out of them. And plus, it’s kind of gross.

2.         Buy shoes that are YOUR SIZE. I buy a lot of my shoes second hand at Plato’s Closet. My thought was always, “If they’re one size too big or small, it’s not THAT big a difference, especially with closed toed shoes.” I may be the only person who’s thought that. But honestly, don’t do it. I’m a size 6.5, and I got a super cute size 5.5 pair of $14 dark brown Sperries that were in great shape. It was hard to beat. But I never wear them because they kill my feet. Even if it was a great deal, it was a poor use of my $14. Another pair of $14 shoes was a pair of red Kedds that were 8. Again, I didn’t think the size mattered because they were closed toed. But I never want to wear them because they’re so big on my feet! I had had my eye out for a pair of red Kedds, and I didn’t think I’d find another pair at Plato’s in such good condition… But again, I ended up wasting those $14 because I’ve worn the shoes once.

3.         Do you want to iron a ton? With button downs, don’t forget most of them have to be ironed every single time before wearing. I don’t wear most of my button downs very often because of that.

4.         If you live somewhere where the summers are really hot, do not buy a bunch of cute shirts that need tank tops. I found out the hard way they add a lot of extra bulk and heat. Instead, if you don’t want to wear t-shirts every day, buy ones that don’t need a tank top. I recently invested in three cute tops that don’t require a tank tops and I wear them all the time. Definitely worth it.

5.         Go for less, but more versatile. It’s better to have less STUFF, but have everything be extremely versatile. A good example of this is chambray. You can use it for dressy and for casual.

6.         If the shoe fits, don’t ALWAYS buy it. At the Plato’s that I shop at, they have this sign everywhere that says, “If the shoe fits, buy it.” I disagree. I found out that I don’t need five pairs of brown flats. If you already have a nice pair of black heels, don’t buy another.

7.         Wear a tank top under your shirt when you go shopping. If you want to try on say a dress with a low front, or a see-through blousy top, you’ll be very glad for that tank top.

8.         If it’s fussy in store, it’ll be fussy out of store. You don’t want to always be adjusting things. That can be very distracting and it’s not very discreet. I’m learning more and more the value of fuss-free clothing.

9.         White pants. Make sure they’re thick and not see-through. I know it is SO difficult to find good white pants, but you do not want to settle for see-through because you cannot find a good pair.

10.     Have a game plan. Good shopping is knowing exactly what you need and going for it. If you just want to go peruse, I’ve found it less likely to find something that you will actually really love. Shopping with a goal is also way more efficient.


Do you have shopping tips? What is a great tip that’s missing from my list? Share in the comments!

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