Homemaking: Why It's Important for Teen Girls Too

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           Today we have a special treat on the blog! Alicia A. Willis, published author and friend of mine, is here to talk to us about a super important topic: homemaking.

Why Homemaking is Important for Teen Girls

           If you think it's just for grandmas, this is definitely a post you will want to make time to read. 

           But first, let me introduce Alicia!

Homemaking Why It's Important for Teen Girls TooAlicia A. Willis is a homeschool graduate and an avid historian. From an early age she has had the desire to write family friendly, accurate books about the past. When not writing or doing endless historical research, she enjoys singing, being a church pianist, and teaching music. She and her husband live in Tennessee. She is author of Grace Triumphant, among other books.

1. What IS homemaking? Why is it important? 
           Home is a special word. It can mean anywhere—anywhere that family and friends are gathered or even just a temporary dwelling place one chooses to call home. Thus, homemaking is a special task, a privilege. It's important because the very idea of home doesn't exist without a homemaker, someone to brighten up a presence with all of the little things that make a place special and comforting.

2. What practical advice do you have for teen girls in this area?
           Learn everything you can now about caring for a home. Learn about organization, cooking, decorating, cleaning, and entertaining. Learn about the art of hospitality. All of those things—those little touches, graces, and tips—culminate and develop a person into a homemaker. 

3. What is your goal in homemaking?
           Making people feel welcome and comfortable is my goal as a homemaker (and this applies to my family first.) I think the art of homemaking is built on thinking of others. It's also built on delighting in the things God has given me to enjoy and unique way He gave me special likes, dislikes, and interests. If you think of homemaking as making other people comfortable and simply enjoying the place God gave you to live, you'll find you'll do more and more to brighten the special place you call home.

4. Is homemaking just for marriage? How do teen girls practice homemaking today?
           It's definitely for teen girls too! When I was a teenager, I shared a room with my sister. People often migrated to our room and just liked to sit and chat there. I received so many remarks on how quiet, peaceful, and fun it was to look at. You can do that too! Make whatever place you call your own a mini home. Make it a place of peace, quiet, and containing all of the 5 senses. Make sure all of the 5 senses convey a spirit of loveliness. Soft music, gentle scents, organization, and little touches of beauty (like flowers or a candle) can do wonders toward making your little space a mini home. After all, the spirit of home is not in a house, but in any place you choose to make it.

3. Do you enjoy homemaking? If so, what do you enjoy about it?
           I do. I love it! I particularly love making my home organized and smelling fresh and flowery! All-natural cleaning is fun for me, since I make my own laundry soap and cleaning sprays. I also love decorating in my own unique style (I'm something between Joanna Gaines, the Pioneer Woman, and a coffee/tea shop.) My favorite thing, though, is making the home comfortable for my husband and welcoming to my guests. I want their preferences and comfort to be above my own expectations of cleanliness or decorating. 

4. Any other pieces of advice in this area?
           Homemaking is a life-long art. It's developed by experience, reading, and looking closely at the comforts of others (and yourself!) Never stop studying or trying to make your little corner a home.
           Thanks for having me, Anna!

 I hope you enjoyed this interview! Take a minute to hop over to Alicia's blog and get to know her a bit more. Share in the comments any questions, thoughts, or stories! 

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