An Often Ignored Attribute of God

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“For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.”
Deuteronomy 4:24

You remember that Christmas that your sister got the toy, purse, whatever that you wanted. You remember moping and giving her glares. What did she say?
“You’re just jealous.”
Then your parents rebuked you and told you to “stop being jealous.”
But in this verse, it says that God is a jealous God.
We like to call God loving, faithful, and caring. Do we like to call Him jealous?
We often like to skip over that passage and ignore those words, “a jealous God.”
Why is that?
Because we don’t have a proper understanding of the word jealous.
In everyday life, we’ve made it a synonym for envious. But in fact, it has a very different meaning.
What is the definition of jealousy?
The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary says, “intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness.”
If you’re married, your husband has promised to being completely committed to you and you alone for life. Wouldn’t you feel jealous if you saw him flirting with another woman? 
From Diffen:
Envy is the emotion when you want a possession someone else has. Jealousy is the emotion when you fear you may be replaced in the affection of someone you love or desire.
Now do you understand why God is a jealous God?
God is jealous of you. He created you and bought you with His blood—He deserves your complete devotion. Do you give it to Him?
If you’re human, then no, you don’t.
Even though Christ is working to sanctify us, we still run from Him. We still get distracted from pursuing Him.
I want you to stop reading this post right now and make a list of five things that you think have been distracting you from pursuing Him with your whole heart.
Going back to the marriage illustration, you would feel very jealous if your spouse was cheating on you, right? How do you think God feels when we run after other things?
He feels jealous. And He wants you back.
That’s the good news—no matter how many times we run, if we are one of God’s children, then He will always bring us back. He does not lose His children. God is a patient God. Take your list of five things and spend some time in prayer with God, asking Him to show you how to love Him first.
However, do not think that He will tolerate our idolatry. Do not think that He will be replaced in your life.

Now that you understand what it means that God is a jealous God, does it make you hate your sin more? Want to share any of your five things? How do you plan on overcoming them? Share in the comments!

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