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Summer is almost upon us! I have eight days left! Some of my friends still have like a month, but everything is finally winding down with the last stretch of exams.
With summer coming up, I bet many of you are already listing out all of the things you want to do this summer. If you’re like me, being more involved in ministry may be on that list. If so, I wanted to highlight a few ministry opportunities you can be part of here at Morning Glory this summer!

1.     Devotional Writer
A slot just opened up for a weekly devotional writer! If you wanted to write about what God’s doing in your life on a weekly basis, then this is for you! Each devotional is short and based off a Scripture. The devotionals may take only about ten or fifteen minutes to write and the impact you can have is incredible. Over 160 ladies all over the country read these devotionals every day.

2.     Guest Blog Poster
Has God taught you something recently? Maybe you have something to write, but it takes too many words to write in just one devotional. Depending upon how much interest there is in guest posting, Morning Glory may be able to go back to posting twice a week! This is a fantastic opportunity to share what God has been teaching you, as well as share any fun crafts/recipes/hair styles/modest fashion you have recently discovered! I absolutely love to write blog posts and I encourage you to think about it!

There you have it! Two great opportunities to impact girls all around the country this summer! If you are interested in either one, please check out the Submissions tab above and leave a message in the form below or leave a comment!

What are your summer plans? Any goals? Trips? Share in the comments! 

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