Makeup: It’s Not About You

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A lot of people have many different views about makeup. Some feel like all makeup is sinful and vain, some don’t care, and others really cake it on.
I do not think makeup in of itself is sinful, but I think it can be used in sinful ways. I think it can be a tool to feed our vanity. But I also think it can be a tool to serve others. We just have to constantly remember that makeup isn’t about us.
One thing I want to say, if you have a conviction against makeup, or are too young to wear it, or your parents have said no, then I am not trying to tell you that is wrong and you need to wear makeup. I just want to talk about some ways we can make our looks be about others, whether or not that involves makeup.
We’re going to talk about two extremes: no effort and overkill.
1.     No effort
This is especially for when you’re married. Do you think it’s considerate to doll yourself up whenever you see him before marriage, but then afterwards—when he’s committed his life to you—you stop caring about how you look and don’t do anything? Is that loving him? No, it’s laziness. It’s putting your comfort above somebody else.
There IS a way to wear makeup and put effort into your appearance without being vain. It’s not about you. It’s about presenting yourself well for the sake of the people who have to be around you all day, and for the sake of Christ. If all Christians were frumpy and ugly, what would the world’s opinion be of Christ?
It is worth it in the morning to put a little extra effort into your appearance.
2.     Overkill
I’ve seen some people recently who did overkill. You look at them and think, “WOW, makeup!” I always imagine them using a chisel to get it off. I was talking to a friend recently who was complaining about someone who wore loads of makeup. She said, “It’s so hard to have a conversation with her because all I’m thinking about is her makeup!”
Ladies, you don’t want to be a distraction. Makeup isn’t about you. If your makeup is so distracting people can’t have a conversation with you, then how do you think you will be able to minister to people? To be an effective witness?
Also, too much makeup can send the wrong signals about your character. The kind of guys who love pure, Christ-like beauty will see you as a sketchy girl. I have always found loads of makeup to be trashy, and in poor taste. The godly guys I’ve talked to very much prefer less makeup. My brother hates the fake look, both in makeup and dyed hair. He much prefers the natural look, as do other guys I know.
Finally, it takes so much time to put on all that makeup! A little extra effort in the morning does not mean and hour, hour and a half, to two hours. That’s vanity, and it’s a waste of your time.

I believe makeup is a tool God gave us to bring out our natural beauty, to serve others, and to take the focus off of ourselves. Makeup shouldn’t be about you. I challenge you to evaluate your heart in this area.

What is your approach to makeup? Are you for it, or against it? Do you fall in one of these categories, or find yourself drifting in one of those directions? Any makeup tips? Share in the comments!

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