Makeup: It’s Not About You Part 2

Anastasis Faith

I received an email in my inbox after last week’s post, Makeup: It’s Not About You. She asked such a good question that I decided to make a whole blog post on it! Her question involved several issues I would like to cover.
1. When do I start wearing makeup?
2. How do I wear makeup?
3. What if no one else around me wears makeup/approves?
Along the way, I will share about how I started wearing makeup and how I eased into it.
1. When do I start wearing makeup?
What is a good age to start wearing makeup? First of all, I do not believe there is a set age at which you could or should start wearing makeup. It is relative to maturity and makeup need. For me, I had an acne problem. So my mom gave me coverstick to wear as a twelve year old. I also am a fair-skinned redhead/strawberry blonde, so my eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde. My features wash out easily without makeup. At fourteen, I started wearing eyebrow pencil. It wasn’t until I was sixteen that I started wearing mascara, foundation, and blush.
This is not a recipe for when everyone should start wearing makeup. Your needs may be different from mine. My advice is to talk to your mom to decide what is best for you. Depending upon your complexion, you may not even need makeup—in which case I would not advise wearing it. I notice more people wear makeup in junior high now. If you can get away without it in junior high, I would recommend that.
2. How do I wear makeup?
Specifically, the question was, “how to avoid being the overkill type?” Again, my best piece of advise is to ask your mom. She will have her definition of makeup overkill, and as the authority in your life, you should respect her definition over mine.
Second, what I would say is to always remember that a little makeup goes a long way. My goal has always been for people to have a conversation with me without thinking about my makeup. I want it to be discreet and natural. I do not want it to be distracting. I accomplish this by wearing very minimal makeup. Just foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara, coverstick, and occasionally blush. I think you can tastefully wear more makeup than me, but I think you should be careful—especially with eye makeup—since it can quickly become overkill. 
3. What if no one else around me wears makeup/approves?
This was where I was when I started wearing makeup. My friends made comments about it. A lot of people made a big deal about my eyebrow pencil. I hated it being pointed out, as I was pretty self conscious, since most of my friends did not believe in makeup.
First of all, since my mom and I had talked about it and decided makeup was the right choice for me, I kept wearing it despite the “peer pressure.” I learned to not get as annoyed or embarrassed if someone mentioned my makeup.
However, makeup is definitely not worth losing friends over. I would advise you to explain the situation to your mom and ask for her advice. Also, your friends may not be upset with you wearing makeup, but the amount you put on. Your friends could be a great tool in determining in your are an Overkill type.
On the other hand, if it is your family that disapproves, I would definitely advise you to obey your parents and listen to your family.

In summary, my main piece of advice is to take these questions to your mom. She knows you and your situation better than I do and can give you better advice.

What are your thoughts on these issues? How would you answer these questions? When/How did you start wearing makeup? Do you have any other questions or thoughts? Share in the comments!

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