Your Future Husband: 3 Wrong Ways to Think of Him

Anastasis Faith

Don’t deny it. You’ve spent hours imaging what your future husband will look like, or what his personality will be like. Will he have blue eyes? Or brown eyes? Will he be tall? Funny? Will he hold the door open for me? Will he be protective? Good with people?
Of course he will be romantic and gentle and sweet. And of course he will be handsome. We imagine the day he will come in and sweep us off our feet. We carefully watch all the potential options, asking the question, “Is he the one??” Not to mention we have our wedding ALL planned out, down to the table decorations.
These are evidences that God created women to be under the authority and protection of a man. We are under the care, love, and protection of our father, but one day—most likely—we will be under the care, love, and protection of a husband.
I know I have always looked forward to the moment when I’m walking down the aisle in a stunning gown, grinning from ear to ear at the love of my life standing at the alter. We all have our fairy tales and daydreams. These stem from a God-given desire. But we must be careful that we view our future husband and marriage in a way that glorifies our Heavenly Father.
 Here are 3 ways that we should not view our future husband.

1.         Perfect

Your future husband, like your pesky little brother, is a sinner.

“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”
Romans 3:23

Yes, he will sin. In fact, no matter how great or godly of a guy you marry, there will be times when you at the least feel forgotten and not cared for. He’s not Jesus, and he cannot—or will not—be perfect. You are a selfish person. So is he. You cannot get around that.

2.        Your soul mate

God did not create someone to “complete” you. Don’t get me wrong—I totally believe that God sovereignly has decided who you will marry. That does not mean, however, that this husband will complete who you are. He will not fix all your flaws, and you will not fix all of his.
God created you to be satisfied in Him, not in a human. God created you to be complete and fulfilled in Himself. You will not find the same thing on earth.

3.        As the only guy in the world you can have a godly marriage with

Thirty years down the road, if you wake up in a horrible marriage, that does not mean that you “married the wrong person” or that you cannot please God where you are. It is very likely that you did not see the red flags in the relationship before you got married because you were blinded by emotions. You can be married to hard person out of foolish decisions (though that is not the only cause of a difficult relationship). No matter where you are in life, however, God is still in control and He always has been. He is not caught by surprise.
God has you in a place right now where you can glorify Him. It does not matter where you find yourself—God has a purpose and you can bring Him glory in every situation in life.

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