10 Things I Do When I Sin

Anastasis Faith

I’ve heard sin often defined as “messing up” or “making a little mistake.” We would like to call sin that—we would love to make it sound not that serious. However, each and every sin is grievous. But how could doing something as simple as telling a little lie to our parents to avoid trouble be that serious? Let’s look at the heart when we sin and find out what’s really going on.
1.       I call God a liar.
I tell Him that He’s wrong about what will bring me happiness. I tell Him that His power isn’t enough for me to resist temptation.

2.      I make light of His sacrifice and treat His grace cheaply.
I treat His sacrifice like a gumball machine, or fire insurance. It’s something that I get when “I want it.” And it’s always there to save me if I sin. In reality, His grace should be a motive to stop sinning.

3.      I am governed by my dead, sinful flesh instead of by the Spirit of God.
I am not walking according to God’s Spirit, but by the desires and lusts of sinful humanity (Galatians 5:16).  

4.      I elevate myself above the Lordship of Christ, making myself lord.
God says no to our sin. If we say yes to it, we are asserting ourselves to be higher than Him instead of submitting to His Lordship over our lives.

5.      I serve my fleshly appetite instead of crucifying my flesh with Christ.
I am submitting myself to the yoke of slavery and bondage to sin instead of realizing my freedom for righteousness.

6.      I am not trusting in God that He is right.
Going back to making God out to be a liar, I am not trusting God that He knows what is best and I’m even saying that He is wrong about what will bring me happiness.

7.      I am being prideful and exalting myself.
I am not submitting to His rules. I am making my own—though in reality, I am putting myself back under the rule and reign of sin.

8.     I treat His death with contempt.
I am telling Him that I do not need His death, that I do not care about His sacrifice. I am telling Him that I hate His death because there are better things this world has to offer me than what He promises.

9.      I am not believing the promises in His Word.
I am rejecting all of His promises in His Scriptures about what is truly satisfying, lasting, and fulfilling.

10.  I am loving myself more than my God.
I am worshiping and bowing down to myself instead of God. I am loving my flesh, my desires, my lusts more than I am loving God. Loving God is expressed through obedience. If you are not obeying Him, you are not loving Him.

            Just one “little lie,” is far more serious than you realize. Ladies, we have to get a better grip on the gravity of our sin in order to be able to crucify it with Christ.
            This is not supposed to be a burden. Realizing our sinfulness more and more should direct our hearts to thankfulness and praise of Christ that
 He died and removed all of our sin. We should praise His name with all joy for being willing to become these awful sins. How great a God we have! How beautiful His love is for us!

What would you add to the list? How do you view your sin? Share in the comments!

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