5 Sneaky Habits That Will Cripple Your Life

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          Often we classify sins into two different "types": "BIG sins" and "little sins."
          For example, a pastor committing adultery would be considered a "BIG sin," while something like skipping our quiet time one morning would be a "small sin."
          But “big” sins come when we make seemingly little compromises in our thought life to go our way instead of God’s way.
          When our mind is characterized by indulgence, then our flesh and our lifestyle become crippled with indulgence. 
          Here are 5 sneaky habits that are a pattern of a lazy and indulgent lifestyle.

1. Sleeping late
         My family called me “sleepy head.” I would sleep as late as I possibly could every single day. Dad wanted to teach us how to wake up early, so he had us do a math assignment every day before 8am. I really didn’t like waking up at 6am or earlier… So I decided to do my math the night before. I would stay up late and wake up late. On Saturdays, I would sleep in as late as possible until Mom came and woke me up.
          Now, my goal is to wake up at 5am every weekday morning. For the most part, that’s what I do. What happened? I learned that, while there are always 24 hours in a day, there are ways to optimize your waking hours to be the most productive. Getting up early and seizing the day has been far more productive for me.
          But waking up early isn’t just about being productive. It’s about fighting the lifestyle of indulgence.
          If you have a habit of sleeping late every day, you will teach yourself to indulge in your flesh. You will start off your day with indulgence and as a result, you will not be a dedicated or equipped to fight sin in your life.
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2. Curing your boredom with your phone
          Seriously, your phone is probably your worst enemy. It is GREAT way to waste your day, snuff out your work ethic, and indulge the flesh. Not to mention it has instant access to a wealth of sin and filth.
          If you are bored, you should not always resort to your phone. Your phone will suck the joy out of the daily life you live. It will cause you to miss the serene happiness of each moment.
          Just like your phone, social media is a tool that, when handled incorrectly, is devastating to your life.
          I’m fighting this by setting a 30 minute timer most mornings. Whenever I’m on social media, I turn the timer on. It helps a lot, but it doesn’t eliminate my sinful inclinations.
          Find some practical ways that you can fight this. Maybe you study when you’re bored. Or call a friend. Clean your room. Do a craft. Whatever it takes!
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3. Procrastinate
          This is a symptom of lazy indulgence. Don’t put it off. Work hard, and then play and rest. Typically, I’ll work on school from early morning until about 5pm, and then I stop. I hang out with my family or do some other fun thing. Working hard and not procrastinating doesn’t mean you don’t have time to have fun—it means you DO have time, and it is not under the burden of eventually having to do your school or work or whatever. 
4. Skip your quiet time (prayer time)
          When things get busy or stressful, it’s easiest to cut out time with God. But this should always be our number 1 priority in life—knowing Christ.
          You will be surprised at how much a quiet time (or the lack thereof) will affect your day.
          When you see God, you see why you must fight sin. You love God more than sin. You cannot expect to glorify Him if you do not set aside time to seek after Him.
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5. Worry
          When I asked on Instagram during one of our Chat Times what were the biggest hindrances in our walk with Christ, the majority said anxiety and worry.
          What is worry? The sin of not trusting God.
          A life characterized by anxiety and worry cannot be a life characterized by the joy of Christ.
          Surrender your life to Christ and daily offer up your worries to Him. He is a better steward of them than you.

Are you guilty of any of these? If you could add a 6th one, what would it be? Share in the comments!

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  1. Thank you! This post really speaks into my life. I am a sophomore next year and I'm deciding whether or not to do a sport. This sport means waking up at 6:00 every morning. Waking up early is a struggle for me since I usually feel sleepy during the afternoon. Just this morning I wanted to give it up...but after reading this, I might think it over a bit more;) Thank you so much for this daily encouragement!


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