2 Keys to Shopping for Modest Clothes

Anastasis Faith
When I was twelve and thirteen, I honestly had no clue what I was shopping for, or even how to shop.
      Why does it matter if we know how to shop? Isn’t that kind of frivolous?
      This post is about keeping you from being frivolous.
      There are two things that I have found that have made me a much betters shopper. I rarely come home now from the store with things I only wear once—or never. 
      These are great keys for shopping for modest clothes, though they can apply to any shopping trip.

1.       How to evaluate the price

      I went shopping recently looking for a pair of black leggings at a second-hand store. I found an awesome pair of black jeggings, but they were $10. To me, $10 is a little more than I want to pay for second-hand leggings. But they were in great condition, were thick, and had pockets, so I decided to get them.
      I have worn them probably around thirty times since I bought them. I wear them under dresses, to bed, around the house, and, since they’re thick enough, I wear them with long tunics or flannels with boots out of the house.
      If I were to divide the price by the number of times I have worn them, I find that it cost me about $0.33 per times that I wore it. Plus, I plan on wearing them a lot more in the future.
Even though it was a tad more than ideal, I’ve gotten GREAT wear out of them. Knowing what I know now, I would be willing to pay $15 for them.
      If you buy a pair of shoes for $50, but then they pinch around the toes, and you wear them twice, that’s $25 per time you wore the shoes. I know I can’t afford that.
If you’re buying a really pretty, but fussy blouse, think about how many times you could see yourself wearing it. I’ve found that I don’t wear fussy clothes very much, even if they’re really pretty. They’re just too uncomfortable to wear often.
      The next time you’re buying something, estimate how many times you will wear it. Then divide the price by that. If you were renting it, would you want to pay $15 per time you wore it?
      This is how I evaluate the price of something I am buying. I will pay more for the things I know I will wear a lot, but I won’t pay much for—if I even buy—pieces that are fussy or uncomfortable.
       Shirts that require tank tops can be fussy, and it might be worth it to hold out until the next time to find a fuss-free modest shirt.

2.      Frequent trips over long trips

      By this, I mean that frequent shopping trips are better than one long shopping trip. This semester I drove my siblings to their piano lessons and would take them places during their breaks. My sister and I would get to go check out our favorite second-hand store every other week.
      We had less than hour, so our time was focused and productive. I always had a mission. One day my mission was to find a pair of skinny jeans because my good ones busted a hole in the knee. When I didn’t find a pair I liked, no problem. I would be back again soon.
      If you have the pressure of needing to get your entire modest wardrobe in one shopping visit, you’ll do a lot more “settling” instead of “adoring.” You won’t get excited about everything you get. It’ll be much more about having enough long sleeve shirts for the winter.
      You will probably end up with things that are a little more frumpy, or you might end up with things that aren't as modest.
      I understand that not everyone has the luxury of frequent shopping trips. But if you have an opportunity like I did, then go for it!
      I can’t think of a single purchase I made last fall that I wasn’t very pleased with.
      If you want more shopping tips, check out this post!

Do you have any shopping tips to share? What are your favorite places to shop? Share in the comments!

Anastasis Faith / Author & Editor

Anastasis is a Texas girl who enjoys writing, blogging, and music. You can connect with her here on her blog, or at morningglorypursuingjesus@yahoo.com


  1. Great post, thanks for these awesome tips!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! :) Glad you enjoyed!!

  2. These are great tips!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this :)

    1. My pleasure! I've made far too many mistakes in the past and wasted time and money. I want to help keep others from making the same mistakes. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Just a question: Wouldn't wearing skinny jeans also be considered immodest?
    (Skinny jeans show curves that guys should not see. It would lead them to more lusting and temptation, correct?)

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! And EXCELLENT question! My family had to ask that very same question, as does everyone.

      There are several things to keep in mind here. First of all, modesty isn't a set of rules. It's a state of the heart that is expressed outwardly by how you dress.

      Since modesty cannot be laid down as a set of rules, it's very subjective. However, there are many great principles by which we can evaluate what is modest. One is personal conviction. Another is my parents' personal convictions. I avoid tight, revealing, and sheer clothing.

      One HUGE thing to keep in mind is that it isn't always WHAT you wear, per se, but HOW you wear it. A skirt can be worn in a very immodest way. Skinny jeans are often thought of as paper-thin skin tight pants that are highly inappropriate.

      I understand that because of the nature of skinny jeans being more fitted than other jeans, we must be more careful if we choose to wear them--and many will choose not to wear them at all. Personally, I think they can be worn modestly. The pair I have is loose and made of thick material. Plus I always try to get shirts that are longer and when I wear skinny jeans I often wear them with riding boots.

      You may disagree with me that skinny jeans can be worn modestly, and that's totally fine. God holds us accountable to our own consciences and if you believe it's immodest to wear skinny jeans, then I would NEVER encourage you to wear them. Romans 14 explains how defiling our conscience is sin.

      When it comes to things like sleeveless shirts, skinny jeans, skirts that don't cover the knees, fitted shirts, etc, there will be more debate and more disagreement. But it's nothing to divide sisters over. :) Which makes me so thankful for the way you broached the subject--in a very kind and loving way.

      I totally understand your objections to skinny jeans and if you don't agree with me when I say I think they can be worn modestly, that's fine. :) Better safe than sorry!

      Thanks again so much for your comment and for reading! I value your impute very much. :) Your question is so good and so hard to answer briefly I think I may also do a blog post on it in the future. ;)


    2. Lol, sorry, that was REALLY long. :P

  4. I have a difficult time making sure I'll use what I get at thrift stores, since the only good ones we go to are usually every couple of months - most times we drive 360 miles!

    The point, though of evaluating the average cost every time you wear it is a very good, helpful tip that I had not thought of, but I can see that helping me immensely in the future!

    1. Wow, that definitely must be a challenge. Hopefully it'll get easier as you learn out your style/what fits you well. I'm getting a better idea after doing my own shopping for six years. ;) It makes shopping go quicker and makes it more effective. You definitely have a harder situation, so I hope you can find what works for you!

      I'm so glad! That's good to hear. :)


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