No-Part Pigtails!

Anastasis Faith

By Musical Girl

Pigtails are back! Not that they were ever totally out of style! When we were little girls we had high pigtails that were so cute. As I get older the middle part-line down the back is not as attractive to me. I don’t want to look like I am eight! But the solution is finally here! I am so excited to bring you this exciting, grown up, and fun hairstyle.

I apologize in advance for the terrible pictures, I now have great respect for people who take pictures of the back of their head.! :)


You will need:
-two clear or your hair color bands with you.

1. First, divide your hair into the top half and the bottom half.

2. Then take the top half and loosely put it in a rubber band on one side.

3. Take the bottom half and pull it to the other side and rubber band it.

One tip:

The top half side will need to be loose to cover the part line and so that your pigtails look symmetrical from the front. You will need to pull the rubber band down to make it look even.

There you have it, pigtails again! Another fun way to wear your hair in this hot summer heat!

What do you all think about this hairstyle? Are you going to try it? What are some ways that you wear your hair to beat the heat? Share in the comments!

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