Happy New Year! | 2016 Morning Glory Recap

Anastasis Faith

       Yesterday wrapped up the biggest year of growth for Morning Glory yet! The average number of blog post views has more than doubled in the last year. Not to mention the very exciting development of the Morning Glory Instagram page (username: @anastasisfaith)!
      As in last year’s recap, I want to share the top posts of this year!

11. What Do Guys REALLY Think About Your Big T-Shirt and Little Shorts? 

      It's the fad right now. Every single high school and college girls seems to feel the need to wear big giant t-shirts and little shorts. Do guys think this is cute or attractive? Read this post to hear what several Christian guys have to say on this topic.

10. 10 Tips for Waking Up Early

      I used to be our family's late sleeper. Now, I wake up at 5:00 am (almost) every morning. How did I learn to manage waking up at 5:00 am every day? Here are 10 tried and true tips for waking up early.

 9. What We're Doing Wrong this Christmas

      Our culture is struggling with a very serious case of DISTRACTION during the Christmas season. What is the embarrassingly trivial thing we hold up to the infinitely profound?

8. Christmas with Lauren Daigle, John Piper, Girl Defined, and More!

      Looking for some Christmas resources? Check out this article!

7. When Marriage Isn't What You Dreamed

      Are you looking to marriage to be your ultimate satisfaction and goal in life? But what if it lets you down? What happens when it disappoints? If your life depends upon your happiness in marriage, what happens when it doesn't make you happy?

6. Book Review: Grace Triumphant

Looking for a historical page-turner about the slave trade? Read this review to decide if this a book to add to your shelf! (I highly recommend that you do!) 
      "Slave ships haunt the seas, bearing human cargo to further the wealth of the rich and destroy the souls of the slave traffickers..."

5. You Know You're a Girl When...

This is a fun post about the silly things we girls do! How about going on a trip and realizing that you packed more shoes than there are days you will be gone? Yes, I'm guilty of that one...

4. Makeup: It's Not About You

Why do we wear makeup? Why SHOULD we wear makeup? Is makeup a sin? This post talks about two common pitfalls to help you love others with the way you wear makeup.

3. 6 Misconceptions About Purity

Have you ever struggled with the decision you've make to be pure? Or struggled with your parents' rules that they've placed in your life to keep you pure? I know I have. We become disenchanted with purity when we believe Satan's lies. But in God's Word, we read truth. Is it truly less fun to not stay pure? Read this post to find out!

2. Spreading Holiday Joy: A Letter From a Stranger

My friend had a stranger walk up to her and give her a letter a few weeks ago. This stranger had passed my friend multiple times each week at community college. Don't click on this link unless you want to be challenged and touched by the astounding contents of this letter. 

1. Why I Decided to Save My First Kiss for My Wedding Day

This is by FAR the most popular post ever written on Morning Glory, with over three times the average number of blog post views. At age twelve, I promised God that I would save my first kiss for my wedding day, and begged Him to give me the strength to keep that promise. Here are my reasons why I made that choice.

 There are the top 11 posts on Morning Gory this year! Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments! And if you feel so inclined, follow Morning Glory on Instagram (username @anastasisfaith) for blog post updates and fun girl stuff!

Anastasis Faith / Author & Editor

Anastasis is a Texas girl who enjoys writing, blogging, and music. You can connect with her here on her blog, or at morningglorypursuingjesus@yahoo.com


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